Training & Consulting Services

 SAPRI services include in-depth training and comprehensive consulting on sexual violence (and other forms of gender-based violence) prevention and response best practices. We work with international education programs, international NGO’s, corporations, and businesses to assist with risk mitigation and response. Our services are specifically specialized for sexual violence and gender based violence prevention and response. This includes in-depth policy analysis/creation, training and expertise. These services will advance your institutions prevention and response strategies, offering a higher caliber of risk management and a safer team.



SAPRI provides in-depth training that focuses on international prevention and response to sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence. The trauma informed training includes local, national, and international (and/or country specific) navigation and response and incorporates a myriad of factors including laws, stigmas, health and safety considerations, LGBTQ considerations, and individual protection and safety.

SAPRI training also incorporates overarching sexual violence prevention and response including active bystander training, what is consent training, trauma informed response, recognizing a perpetrator, and individual protection and safety.


 SAPRI Consulting can work with your team to further incorporate gender-based violence prevention and trauma informed response best practices into your organization's operations. SAPRI will work together with you developing a policy that works best for your team while ensuring the incorporation of your team’s values and culture into policies developed. In addition to policy analysis, SAPRI’s trauma informed, survivor centered consulting services include pre-departure information and comprehensive response analysis and modification.