Businesses & Corporations

Businesses that send employees abroad should have policies in place for emergency response. Having policies and procedures in place to respond to incidents of sexual violence- and other forms of gender-based violence -is equally, if not more important as the long term effects of sexual violence haunt and re-traumatize victims. Trauma informed prevention and response services are essential when responding to your employees. SAPRI services include in-depth training and comprehensive consulting on sexual violence prevention and response best practices. 

SAPRI provides businesses and corporations:

· Consulting on sexual violence response policies and procedures and on prevention information

· Training to staff and faculty on prevention and response best practices

· Pre-departure training to employees before going abroad.

These services are offered to advance an institutions prevention and response strategies, offering a higher caliber of risk management further contributing to the shift in mentality and behavior that is more respectful and inclusive for everyone- women, men, and non-binary individuals.

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