International Education

Trauma-Informed Prevention & Response


International education is a wonderful opportunity for students to widen the scope of their education and their worldviews. It is critical for universities to have prevention and response measures in place for emergencies, including sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence. 

SAPRI has experience working in the field of international education on sexual violence prevention and response. Trauma informed prevention and response services reduce the likelihood of re-traumatization when serving your university travel community.  With 325,339 U.S. students that studied abroad for academic credit in 2015/16 (Open Doors Foundation), and the number growing every year, it is imperative to have victim-centered prevention and response policies in place. 

SAPRI provides universities and international education programs:

· Consulting on sexual assault response policies and procedures and on prevention information

· Training to staff and faculty on prevention and response best practices

· Pre-departure information to students and faculty before going abroad.

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